Second Life Rich List

By Xah Lee. Date:

Discovered that BusinessWeek made a list of people who have became wealthy thru Second Life.

They list people who makes more than $5k usd per month, and says the number of such people is over 116. The report is made in 2007. According to a 2009 report by Linden Lab, the number is now 233. (see: Second Life Product Market Value)

Here's the list from BusinessWeek.

Ailin Graef
sl name: Anshe Chung
Business: Virtual real estate.
Worth: networth more than 1 million

Philip Rosedale
sl name: Philip Linden
Business: Founder of Second Life
Worth: $19 giga venture backing

Reuben Steiger
sl name: Reuben Millionsofus
Business: sl presence
Worth: 6 million, 2007 revenue

Sibley Verbeck
sl name: Sibley Hathor
Business: founder of Electric Sheep Company
Worth: $15k for building a sl presence.

Alyssa LaRoche
sl name: Aimee Weber
Business: building and scripting and hosting.
Worth: 30k to 100k to create a presence. 2 to 3 corp clients per month.

Adam Frisby
sl name: Adam Zaius
Business: sim, land.
Worth: average land sale is between $132 and $330.

Kevin Alderman
sl name: Stroker Serpentine
Business: sex stuff.
Worth: sales 40 to 50 of his more adult items per day, each $20 to $40.

Peter Lokke
sl name: Crucial Armitage
Business: Crucial Creations, clothing designer
Worth: $0.75 per item; annual revenue ~$100k

Cristiano Diaz
sl name: Cristiano Midnight
Business: Snapzilla website, for sharing screenshots
Worth: $33k per year.

Adam Anders
sl name: Barnesworth Anubis
Business: Tableau, real estate.
Worth: 110k transactions per year, each $1 to $9.
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