Math in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date:
Geo Dome
A screenshot of a location in Second Life.

This sim built by Henry Segerman (aka Seifert Surface).

The metal ball above the bridge is made of 4 nested spheres, rotating on different axes. Behind the sphere is a tower of octahedrons. (A octahedron is a regular solid, having 8 faces, each face is a equilateral triangle. (it's like two pyramids with their bases glued together)) On the right is a geodesic dome made of glass. Inside is a garden with mathematical sculptures.

double spiral
The middle sculpture is a double spiral. This sculpture is based on the Equiangular Spiral. Most spirals seen in nature's growths, for example, plants and seashells, are equiangular spirals. (See: Seashells photo gallery.)
hopf bundle
This colorful spiral sculpture is a model of the Hopf bundle. You will need to have a phd in math to understand this one. For mere mortals, suffice it to say it is twisty.
hopf bundle 2
hopf bundle. Standing in front is a Japan geisha in traditional Japanese attire the kimono.
sl lorenz attractor
A plot of the Lorenz attractor as it generates. By Seifert Surface.

For a particle version, see: Second Life: Math Lorenz Attractor.

moebius strip
The girl Eureka of the Japanese animation Eureka Seven. (The creator of this avatar is Yamiki Ayakashi)

The background blueish strip is the Moebius strip. Moebius strip is a example of a surface that has only one side. (If you are a ant crawling on the strip, you'll end up on the other side without crossing any edge.) The rim of this strip, is a Trefoil knot. Tie a overhand knot, then connect the lose ends, and you have it!

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