Second Life's Architectures: Learning Centers

By Xah Lee. Date: .
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New Media Consortium Machinima And Performance Arts
This building is the “New Media Consortium Machinima And Performance Arts”. Built by Shukran Fahid.

Note, that Machinima means: film produced in a computer generated world. It is a emerging technique of filming, particular useful in communication. For detail, see Machinima.

The “New Media Consortium” is a educational group that owns several sims. For info about their Second Life activities, see

Address: Learning (193,248,55).

ivory tower 2
A education center for building construction. This building is called the Ivory Tower of Primitives. This tower hosts a self-phased tutorial of Second Life 3D-Construction. Built by Lumiere Noir.

Address: Natoma (203,166,27).

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