Second Life Problems: llSitTarget as Teleporter

By Xah Lee. Date:

Second Life is the worst software possible since 2000s. I can't start to list the problems. The whole design, every aspect, sucks major. Crashes every few hours, for the past 4 years.

Yesterday i did a project of scripting teleporters for a guy. It's quite ridiculous, that in-sim teleporters are done by using a sit hack using “llSitTarget”. Here's a sample script:

// 2011-04-20
// sample simple in-sim teleporter

vector targetPos = <96, 199, 31>; //The target location

    vector sitOffset;
    sitOffset = (targetPos- llGetPos());
    llSitTarget(sitOffset, ZERO_ROTATION);

    on_rez(integer startup_param)
    changed(integer change)

There are quite a few ridiculous things going on.

Teleport are done by setting up a object's sit behavior with a offset. The typical usage is like this: avatar sits on a object, due to the offset, he actually is sitting somewher far away, then, once sl detected the sit as a change, the script bumps off the avatar from sitting. The final effect from the user's point of view is teleportation!

Can't be more bizarre than this. SL is like this, all over. Scripting, building, just about every aspect. The most idiotic possible, and with bugs everywhere.

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