Second Life LSL Tutorial

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omnious cloud
dark cloud, created using LSL

This page is a intro to Second Life's Linden Scripting Language (LSL).

You should know the basics of 3D-Construction in Second Life.

[see Xah's Second Life Build Tutorial]


xlsl mode
Linden Scripting Language code.
  1. LSL Basic Concepts
  2. LSL Syntax
  3. LSL Code Structure
  4. LSL Code Examples


  1. LSL Prim Manipulation
  2. LSL Particle System
  3. LSL HUD Tutorial


  1. Emacs LSL Mode
  2. Reference and Acknowledgement
  3. Misc Advanced LSL Tips
  4. LSL Unicode Support
  5. LSL Script Count
  6. Second Life: How to Give Out Things Full Perm But Not Script

LSL Problems

  1. Linden Scripting Language Problems
  2. LSL Problems: llGetOwner()
  3. LSL Problems: llEdgeOfWorld()
  4. Second Life Problems: llSitTarget as Teleporter
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