Second Life's Furries 4

By Xah Lee. Date: .
skunk 44
This humanoid, the first thing you notice is a humongous tail. Upon closer encounter and contact, you learn that she is a lady and she's a skunk.
skunk 40

She went onto the stage. Spectacular tail!

Here's a interesting excerpt on skunk reproduction, from wikipedia (skunk):

Breeding usually takes place in early spring. Female skunks are induced ovulators, the male skunk mounts the female from behind and proceeds to bite the female on the back of the neck and back, which induces the female's ovulation. Females excavate a den ready for between one and four young to be born in May. The male plays no part in raising the young and may even kill them. A common scene in late spring and summer is a mother skunk followed by a line of her kits. By late July or early August the young disperse. When the young skunks meet again, they raise their tails vertically. After a little posturing they start to rub against each other, often rolling around in what appears to be an embrace. Older skunks seem less friendly to the young kits.

purple horse
A unicorn lady.
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