Second Life's Furries, page 1

By Xah Lee. Date:

The following are some fur creatures in Second Life. Fur creatures are known as furries. They range from feline to canine to equine to murine to lupine to leporine to vulpine to ursine to nondescript fur-balls. (for a list of words like feline and canine, see: brutal appellatives.)

Note that these critters are particular that you get their species right. If you addressed a Miss Beaver as a skunk, or took a puss for a bitch, or a husky as coyote, as marsupial for a murine: Good Luck if you want to ask her out. When in doubt, read her profile first. Males, in this aspect, are also like females, they want their identies be understood. For example, it would be a bad start of a friendship, if you take a wookiee as ewok.

This can be understood in real life too. For example, if you are English and the Asian friend you just met remarked something about your nice American culture, you probably are going to correct him quickly.

Many of the following shots are taken at a night club called The Ark, at FurNation Prime 128,38,500, on 2007-01-19. FurNation actually has a website:

white husky furry wolf furry
A exotically dressed white husky, and a wolf girl. She's in the midst of putting her paws behind her head for a relaxing recline.
furries 48
Felines enjoying the atmosphere.
rat girl 12
A rat-chick dancing away. Note her nipple rings, neck collar, and manacle-bracelets, and her bucktooth. Her neck collar has her name Monique etched in gothic font. Possibly with the exception of her tail, she's lovely. One's not to judge a furry by their tail.
bee girl 34
Two bee-girls on inline-skates (technically out-of-place), shewing us what funniness means. You should see them move. More bee girl photos: bee girl 1, bee girl 2.
stud furry tomcat furry
A stud giving us a show of pole dancing. The tube-like thing jutting out below his abdomen is his member. Yes, a horse's penis does look something like that, and of that proportion. On the right, a gay tomcat, who's proud of his gaiety.
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