Xah Second Life Blog 2011-01

Second Life: How to Stop Showing as Cloud

See also: Second Life Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

xlsl-mode, showing its menu. Screenshot on Mac

A new version of lsl mode is out. This version, v1.6.0, added function completion and snippets for 18 new Linden Lab functions. Get it today, at Emacs LSL Mode.

eagle usa flag 1-s
Bald eagle holding a machine gun with US flag. The eagle avatar is made by An Ballinger, and the nest, machine gun, flag, is a creativity by Kristian Kit.

US Eagle with Machine Gun

New version of Blender v2.5 just released. The major news is that it finally got traditional user interface.

Second Life Problems: llSitTarget as Teleportor.

Cyberpunk in Second Life

from a new friend's store:

“Neurolab Inc. - Machinima Second Life (2011-03) 1080p”

His home page is: neurolab-inc.com

Sex in Second Life: Video Interview with Paisley Beebee.

Want to buy lindens? I sell them. You get better rate than Linden Labs. See: Buy Lindens Special Offer.

“2009 ABC Television Interview with Paisley Beebe in Real Life”

In case you don't know, Paisley BeeBe (sl name) runs a TV show in sl. Usually interviewing people. I've attended a couple. First in around 2008.

i'm giving a special for my Xah Particle Maker. For 1k linden each. Just IM me in sl (sl name: Xah Toll). Offer last till end of this week (ends in Sunday Feb 27 midnight).

Discovered some new 3D tools. See: List of 3D Modeling Software.

Thanks to Ina Centaur.

Linden Labs raised the group limit to 42 now. That means, you can join a max of 42 groups, instead of the old 25.

Here's how to change Phoenix to support that.

Info source:

Second Life banner
“1/8 Ton but want to be a slave-girl?” [image source http://alphavilleherald.com/2010/09/linden-labs-missing-statistics.html ]
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