Xah Second Life Blog 2010-02

A L$1000 discount on my Xah Particle Maker, for Memorial today. Buy it here: Xah Particle Maker.

Major bug for those sl merchants: XstreetSL Item Disappears.

The emerald guys are announcing AjaxLife, a web browser based, text-only, Second Life viewer. So, if you are on a lousy computer with no graphics card and just want to login to chat with your friends or get your IMs, then AjaxLife is your solution. I tried it. It works. Pretty neat.

Start using here: http://ajaxlife-0.modularsystems.sl/.

A lil' new tip. Want to make your av invisible? You can!

Using Emerald, all you have to do is ground sit (Ctrl+Alt+s) while you are in mid-air.

Xah Particle Maker 1.6.1 2-s
Xah Particle Maker

Spend 3 hours and re-wrote my Xah Particle Maker manual. See:

Second Life's adult rating system is changing names. Instead of PG, Mature, Adult, the new name is General, Moderate, Adult. For reason why, see: wiki.secondlife.com. This name change already happened in Viewer 2.

A lil tip. Are you annoyed by the overly glaring glow in sl? You can reduce it. Go to 〖Advanced ▸ Debug Settings…〗 【Ctrl+Alt+Shift+s】, then choose renderglowiterations, put a value like 1. (default is 2) That will reduce the glow rendering.

Top 10 people who became wealthy thru sl, from BusinessWeek: Second Life Rich List.

Apparently, Stroker Serpentine (rl name Kevin Alderman), a Second Life made real life millionaire, has made several law suits against copybotters, and against Linden Lab as well. See Wikipedia article, link at Second Life Product Market Value.

New article: Second Life Militaries List.

Also, A new sl combat tip i learned today. You know, whenever you land from a high jump, you splat into the ground, with about 1 second being immobile? I always wondered if that can be turned off. Yes you can, with Emerald.

Go to 〖Advanced ▸ Debug Settings…〗 【Ctrl+Alt+Shift+s】. Then type EmeraldIgnoreFinishAnimation, set it to true.

When you set that, you don't have the landing delay, nor the delay when starting jump.

Thinking about it, i actually haven't played ANY massive online games except Second Life. In fact, the last game i remember played on PC is American McGee's Alice, and that is in around 2000.

(am 42, and in my teens and 20s and 30s, i surely have played lots of video games. Basically, my gaming behavior is like addiction. When i got into a game, i'd play it for weeks EVERY MINUTE WHEN I'M AWAKE, even skipping food, rush to bathroom, or went sleep deprivation, till i mastered it thoroughly. Then, usually guilt overcame me for playing video game so much, and i'd swear never to play game again. I'd not play another video game for half a year or a year, or longer especially when i get older.)

Though, in the past 3 years while spend several hours in Second Life almost daily, i learned tremendously about the online gaming community today. (note that massive multi-player online games is only a phenomenon say after 2005, because before the internet, net speed, and technology, simply isn't there) Today, i learned about Steampowered.com. Here's a Wikipedia quote:

Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by Valve Corporation. It is used to distribute a large number of games and related media entirely over the internet, from small independent efforts to larger, more popular games. Steam is set apart from similar services primarily by its community features, completely automated game update process, and its use of in-game functionality.

There are over 1,100 games available through Steam,[3] and in January 2010 Valve announced that it had surpassed 25 million active user accounts.[4] It regularly services in excess of two million concurrent users.[5] Although Valve never releases sales figures, Steam is considered by its competitors and clients to be the market leader, controlling an estimated 70% of the digital distribution market.[6]

See also: Introduction to Second Life.

Linden Labs has created a new policy about third party viewers. Basically, viewers that does not respect their Term Of Service policy or does export items without respecting the permission system will no longer be able to login to Linden Labs's server. This policy is enforced starting on 2010-05-01. For detail, see: secondlife.com Policy on Third-Party Viewers.

They also have a page listing approved viewers at http://viewerdirectory.secondlife.com/. Currently there are 7 third-party ones. Some of these viewers have interesting features. For example, a text based viewer, viewer for cellphone (iPod, iPhone, Android), viewer for film makers and photographers (basically high-end rendering).

Note that Emerald viewer is compliant. I highly recommend the Emerald Viewer for power players.

Second Life Product Market Values.

Chthonic Syndicate poster 201004-s
A poster artwork made by Mayra Roffo, leader of the Chthonic Syndicate military. 1024×1024

See also: Second Life Combat (videos), Furry Soldiers (screenshots).

Second Life keyboard-m-s
Second Life keyboard. 3120×1539 By 〔Prad Prathivi @ Amodica〕. image source

Second Life Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Gaming Headset Reviews.

Server 1.36.4 is deployed in main grid. Release Notes/Second Life Beta Server/1.36.

Hot from the press, the Emerald guys has discosed a document of rogue viewers that they know of. Rogue Viewers are those violate LL policies, such as those can bypass permission system, free upload, IP address spoof (so bans have no effect on them), …, and in some cases, send out your login name and password. The list is here: http://onyx.modularsystems.sl.

The Xstreet SL Terminals is obsolete, announced by Linden, here: Say Goodbye To Xstreet SL Terminals.

To transfer money between SL and Xstreet, just login to Xstreet on the web. Then, you'll see the links in the “My Marketplace” box. You can also buy lindens on Xstreet too, of course.

Consolidated my blog entries on LSL into one page: Misc LSL Tips.

Consolidated my blog entries related to sl viewers into one page: Misc Info On Second Life Viewers.

Discovered Racers Island. A high quality sim for car racing fans.

Furry Soldiers (screenshots)

Created a Xah Particle Maker Frequently Asked Questions.

thorium bridge 001-s

See: Second Life Futuristic Cities.

Want to dash through walls?
Try Xah Tele-Dasher!