Xah Second Life Blog 2009-11

Xah Combat Aim Radar
My latest Second Life product: Xah Combat Aim Radar.

Best Trackball Mouse (computing)

A look at mouse technology today: Review of Gaming Mouses.

Second Life's web based shop the XStreetSL, will start to charge merchants for listing of freebies, within a few months. Source Be sure to read the FAQ link on that page. This is a great move. One of the fact we learn from the article is that: “Currently, less than 20% of Xstreet SL listings make at least one sale per month.”.

Here's a summary of the change:

“The Ordo Imperialis: Litany”

perm URL and more vids at Second Life Combat.

Someone made a video of my avatar in Second Life. “Second Rage - Xah Toll, fun with cheating.” By Lotsofpins (aka Annoying Blogger in Second Life)

Second Life. Item using brand names may be a problem. (e.g. Nike, Ford, …) Source

Mesh is coming to Second Life. Source

Learned today that the Linden Scripting Language was designed by Cory Ondrejka. Sources: “Cory Ondrejka's departure in his own words” (2007-12-11), by Tateru Nino. Source.

Cory Ondrejka has his blog at http://ondrejka.net/.

A interview about open sourcing the Second Life viewer code. “Interview with Second Life's Cory Ondrejka” (2007-01-17), written by Glyn Moody. Source

http://lib.openmetaverse.org/wiki/Main_Page, Libopenmetaverse

Crooked House, a model in Second Life of science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein's concept. This is built by my friend Henry Segerman (segerman.org). The cat in the vid is my avatar “Xah Toll” in second life. For external view of the crooked house, and other vids by Henry, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOEFvCZJM4s.

Intro To Firearms From Second Life Military.

Want to dash through walls?
Try Xah Tele-Dasher!