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A Blender learning blog. Random notes on Blender.

The blender group in Second Life gave out this help resources, modified by me: Blender and Second Life Sculpty Tutorial Resources.

Some List Of 3d Modelers.

Learning Blender Day 1.

Starting this learning notes on Blender. I have no experience in using a 3D Modler, except having taken a course back in ≈1992, using Alias. (Alias became “Alias|Wavefront”, Maya, and now Audodesk Maya.) I am, however, a expert in high level 3D geometry programing (see: Intro to 3D Geometry Programing)

I'm starting this blog so i can jot down random notes. However, unlike my other blogs, i am not sure these notes will be of any quality or useful to others, and not even sure it'll continue.